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Cute Teddy Bears
Pictures of some of Kirmayir's distant relatives

NYC Giant Teddy!
Kirmayir's big brother?

Build a Bear Workshop
Official site of Build a Bear US

Meet Mr.Tedi
Great Toys, Great Cushions, Good For the World!

Linda's Teddies
Miniature teddy bears that give BIG hugs and have huge smiles by award winning artist Lynda Kunz Keyes.

Personalized Teddy Bears
Personalized Teddy Bear gifts for young and old alike from the UK!

Teddy Bear Stories

Stories and blogs by the Teddy Bear Family!

Kirmayir and Dr. Jeffrey Shaw's Products

Photo Gallery

To purchase any of the pictures seen on this site, visit our Product Catalog page.

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We have for sale a Kirmayir poster of 10 adorable pictures of Kirmayir in the Catskills.

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Three short stories have been written about Kirmayir by Kirmayir and Dr. Shaw.

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these products